System Installation: Lessons learned

BERGER - Flat plate collector system

BERGER system installation   
  • Roof tops are not easy to use
  • Good experiences with ground screw foundation
  • Space required for transportation and installation needs to be planned (handling of large storages etc.)
  • Hydraulic systems in industry are mostly structures grown over decades: requires experienced personal on site
  • Simulation based performance observation and control analysis were very helpful for fast error detection and system optimization

  • LATERIZI GAMBETTOLA - Linear Fresnel collector system
    SOLTIGUA system installation    
  • Authorization paperwork can be very time consuming: start early!
  • Involvement of key supplier (e.g. piping, civil works, balance of plant) with the main solar technology providers can save time and money
  • Prefabricated container solutions for HFT and DSG: for standardised installation
  • Laboratory-like measurements are very challenging in an industrial setting. Need to use adapted validation procedures
  • Pollution of mirrors: keep distance from the ground!

  • BERGER - Parabolic trough collector system
    SOLERA system installation    
  • Constant communication with suppliers when short period for planning and installing
  • Space for components transportation and installation (e.g. large storage)
  • Setting parabolic collectors in free land areas is challenging: fix them in a specific position, foundation of heat storage should be perfectly plumbed, consider soil's type
  • Take into account pressures and temperatures of the old and the new systems to plan a smooth integration
  • Hydraulic systems have to be put in the planning at the very beginning
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