Solar Systems

Large scale solar thermal systems for industrial process heat applications

  • The industrial and commercial sector is responsible for 28% of the energy consumption in Europe

  • 2/3 of this energy is consumed for heating applications

  • More than 60% of the industry uses process heat with temperatures below 250°C.

Until 2008 worldwide about 90 solar thermal plants for process heat were operating with a total installed capacity of approximately 25 MWth. About 55 of these plants have used flat plate collectors and only about 10 systems were realised with concentrating collectors (CPC and parabolic trough).

Concentrating and non-concentrating technologies have a great potential for future projects as soon as the technology is accepted as feasible and commercially viable.

InSun aims to demonstrate the reliability and quality of large scale solar thermal systems for industrial process heat applications on medium and high temperature levels and provides a one-stop-shop business models for this type of technology.

InSun focuses on the promotion of solar collector technologies for process heat applications via large scale demonstration installations.

The large scale demonstration project will help to provide confidence in this technology.

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