Applied Solar Collectors

Parabolic trough collector SMIRROTM
Industrial Process Heat Applications BERGER The parabolic trough collector developed by SMIRRO has an extraordinary structure that resembles the wing of an aircraft. The ideal temperature range lies between 120° and 250°C, a range required by industrial processes. It has a concentrating factor of around 30 and a efficiency of up to 70 %.
Further information: www.smirro.de
SOLTIGUA FTM Linear Fresnel Collector
Industrial Process Heat Applications BERGER Soltigua's Fresnel collector FTM is a linear concentrating system for generating heat in the range of 30 KW to several MW at temperatures up to 250°C. It consists of highly reflective polished aluminium mirrors and selectively coated stainless steel receiver tubes.
Further information: www.soltigua.com
Flat Plate Solar Collectors
Industrial Process Heat Applications BERGER The SOLID gluatmugl HT collector is a flat plate collector, specially designed for process heat and solar cooling applications, where high efficiency at higher temperatures up to 110°C is requested. The collector has two air chambers, separated by a teflon foil. In comparison to concentrating systems this collector needs less maintenance and benefits from diffuse radiation.
Further information: www.solid.at

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