Steam production for meat and sausage production

Industrial Process Heat Applications BERGER Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG
Meat and sausage production
Feed water preheating of steam boiler
Flat plate collector system, parabolic trough collector system
Collector field size 1,068 m² + 122 m²
Heat storage tank: 60 m³ / 15,850 USgal
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Fleischwaren Berger installed a large scale solar thermal plant with a total collector area of 1,068 m² (flat plate collector, commissioned in June 2013).
A parabolic trough collectors' installation of 122m² has also being placed during the summer 2015. It consists of 36 parabolic through collectors, which can be operated in high-temperature conditions. In that aspect the new installation acts as a temperature booster, so that the already heated up water from the flat plate collectors will be boosted to a maximum of 103°C. That is why the maximum support for the steam boiler can be achieved at a clear sunny day.
In addition to the solar thermal collectors a large storage tank of 60 m³ is part of the industrial solar facilities' load management.

The company produces meat products like ham or sausages. Therefore, large amounts of steam and hot water are required for production facilities, which are now partly provided by the solar thermal plant. Within the system, the cycle of hot water is also partly pre-broiled up to 40°C by industrial compressor waste heat.
On the one hand, the solar heat produced is used to pre-heat feed water for steam generation up to 95°C, and on the other hand, the facility pre-heats a local heating network up to 60°C. At Berger GmbH & Co. KG, steam is utilized for different purposes, though main consumption takes part at ham cooking facilities. Main parts of generated hot water support cleaning processes and are used for drying air in climate and reaping rooms, where delicious hard smoked sausages are produced and stored.

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