Milk drying process for diary products production

Industrial Process Heat Applications LACO Lacteas Cobreros SA
Diary products
Milk drying process
Parabolic trough collector system of SOLERA

Associated Partner

Associated Partner Sardegna Ricerche

Unfortunately the partner LACO could not continue to participate in the project. Therefore, an installation with parabolic trough collectors is being placed at the company BERGER.
However, since dairies are a very promising industry for the application of concentrating solar collectors, to address this important application the project partners will carry out further studies on the energy consumption and application potentials for this type of industry.

The studies will also benefit from the contribution of the new associated external partner Sardegna Ricerche that will provide the dataset needed to carried out the analysis on a selected dairy in Sardinia (a region with both high growth potential of concentrating solar-based technologies and well-known and prominent dairy industry). In particular, two Italian dairies will be analyzed as concrete case studies, in order to assess the potential for the installation of concentrating solar collectors to cover parts of the thermal load of both water preheating and steam preparation.
On this basis, the project will develop a market deployment strategy for concentrating and non concentrating collector systems in the dairy industry.

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