Brick drying process

Industrial Process Heat Applications SOLTIGUA Laterizi Gambettola SRL
Brick production
Brick drying process
Linear concentrating Fresnel collector of SOLTIGUA
Collector field size 2,640 m²
Laterizi Gambettola Installation

Laterizi Gambettola SRL, is historically active in the construction business, especially in manufacturing hollow bricks. Its product catalogue comprises all clay products which are characterized by thin walls, ranging from highly insulating blocks for external walls to 220 cm long hollow bricks used in internal/external walls over the doors/windows.

The manufacturing process involves a number of operations where heat is required, from brick extrusion, where hot water/steam is used to increase the raw material ductility, over wet bricks drying up to brick cooking.

Dryers are specially designed for hollow bricks, which typically have thin walls and must de dried quickly in order not to distort their shape during the water evaporation process. The material is dried in less than an hour, by means of a mass of hot air at 220-240°C. Solar heat will mainly be used in an innovative drying system that will use medium temperature heat (200°C) to evaporate water from wet bricks.

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