SHIP Design Tool

The SHIP (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) design tool is an online calculation tool, which permits the user to determine the solar energy gains for four different SHIP system configurations. The system configurations are similar to those defined in the round robin simulations within subtask C of the IEA task 49 (http://task49.iea-shc.org/).

After setting parameters like collector field size or discharge temperature, entities like the radiation or the heat transferred to the process are displayed on monthly and yearly basis.

In the simulations for this tool a trade-off between model fidelity and simplicity has been made. For each of the 12 locations considered, the displayed solar yield gives the theoretically achievable value under the system boundaries set. The real solar yield may differ e.g. due to the following reasons:

  • The simplified and only partially considered system hydraulics lead to lower heat losses in the distribution
  • The differing mass of components like steam drum or boiler would significantly affect the behaviour and gains of the system during transient phases
  • The collector models applied don't consider wind convective and radiative loss effects
  • Other performance degradation effects like mirror dirtiness, hydraulic balancing or tracking inaccuracy have significant impact on the yield
  • Other control strategies and parameters will change results
  • The results depend on the weather files, which were generated as statistical averages of several years

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